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Our mission is to improve lives through Hospitality Training.

As you embark on any of our courses, our mission at Caribbean Institute of Hospitality/ Jan’s School of Catering is to create opportunities through education, training, and development that will enable our students to acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes for meaningful contribution to the global economy. We provide high-quality education and training to individuals for self or wage employment through a process that integrates theoretical knowledge, practical learning, and professional skills; and through this process, we are able to produce skilled, employable, and responsible individuals who can succeed in today’s dynamic world and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Our efforts are guided by excellence, integrity, respect, and absolute love for human development.

Food Preparation 1,2,3

Course Content:

  • Seafood, poultry and meat dishes
  • Sandwiches, appetizers and salads
  • Pasta, rice, and other grains
  • Fruits and salads
  • Breads, pastry and desserts
  • Restaurant skills such as menu planning, equipment handling, business practices, and sanitation and safety requirements.

Cake Baking & Decorating

Course Content: 

  • Chocolate Cake, French Vanilla Cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Carrot Cake, Banana Cake
  • Jam Roll, Victoria Sandwich Cake
  • Marble Slice, Rock Buns, Toto, Coffee Cake
  • Basic Decorating using Buttercream Icing (Covering, Bordering & Writing)
  • Elaborate Cakes (Cheesecakes, Red Velvet etc.)
  • Puddings & Dessert Sauces e.g. Bread Pudding with Crème Anglaise Sauce
  • Cookies (Rolled, Dropped, Piped)
  • Wedding Cakes


Course Content:

  • Duties & responsibilities of a waiter
  • Waiter’s equipment
  • Food service styles
  • Service procedures
  • How to prepare for service including how to correctly set tables, fold napkins and identify cutlery and crockery
  • How to greet and seat a customer
  • How to present the menu and take an order
  • The difference between plate service and buffet service
  • How to open wines and take orders :
    • How to pour wines
    • Basic mixology
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Yeast Management

Course Content:

  • Bread Loafs, Dinner Rolls, Loaves (Plain, Meat & Vegetable), Pizza
  • Cinnamon Rolls/Danish, Tea Rings, Coffee Strips
  • Doughnuts

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